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What type of toothbrush should I use?  In general, the brand isn't important. A soft toothbrush is typically the best option available as harder brushes can lead to irritation. Make sure to brush at least twice per day.


How often should I floss?  Once every day to boost your dental health.


What's the difference between a bridge and a partial denture?  Both of these replace teeth that are missing. A bridge is permanently attached to teeth while a partial denture is attached with clasps and can be removed.


Is one toothpaste better than others?  Not especially, although you should consider a toothpaste with fluoride to prevent decay.


What about silver fillings versus white fillings?  There aren't any health reasons not to use silver fillings; it's simply that many patients choose white fillings as they better match the natural color of the tooth. They are also less sensitive to temperature and can be used in numerous situations.


Do I need to have a root canal just because I have to have a crown?  No.  Most teeth that have a root canal do require crowns for added strength, but the inverse is generally not true.


What's the difference between a crown and a cap?  Both of these are restorations that help to repair broken teeth. They are comprised of composite, stainless steel, gold or porcelain. We typically call all restorations crowns, but patients call tooth-colored one caps and the rest crowns.




Everyone was so nice. And prompt! I do appreciate this. I hope our future appointments go as well.   -Lisa D — Customer since 2015


We moved to Louisville recently and have just had our first appointment with Dr. Frey and his staff at Smiles. We had a great experience and are so pleased we chose Smiles for our dental care. Our transfer to this practice was seamless and we are so pleased with our firs appointment.   -Lyndia G — Customer since 2015


They are great! I would highly recommend anyone looking for a dentist to try Dr. Frey. He is very kind and professional. His team is very knowledgeable and super friendly. They are great!  -Michelle B — Customer since 2012


Love the new office, everyone is so kind ,Vanessa is an awesome Dental Hygienist.    -Lucretia S — Customer since 2015


Staff and experience is always great, thanks.   -James R — Customer since 2015


They make going to the dentist enjoyable! Love the people that work there :)    -Adrielle B — Customer since 2014


Always friendly, accommodating, and efficient. I love them!     -Gary P — Customer since 2007


Great people, great atmosphere.     -Edwin S — Customer since 2014


I was very satisfied with the visit. Friendliness of staff and excellent dental care provided by Vaness    -Rosa W — Customer since 2015







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