Dental Office in Louisville, KY

Smiles on Hurstbourne is a dental office that provides a variety of dental services to all of our customers in Louisville, KY. The team at Smiles on Hurstbourne will ensure that you receive a different dental experience, one that is designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and attention, while providing exceptional treatment.
Smiles on Hurstbourne offers a wide selection of treatment options. We understand that each patient is unique. When you visit with us, we are focused on what works best for you.
Our treatments include Invisalign, the Pinhole Surgery Technique, Laser White 2.0, and more. Our team is well equipped to ensure that your experience is comforting and carefree. No matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen the dentist.

Contact us at (502) 423-5177 to learn more about the services we offer or to schedule a free consultation!